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About Us

Wise Security Global is a techonology company offering services and solutions to uphold the trust and security of our customers in the cyberspace. Our accumulated high performance experience, alongside expertise, knowledge and talent, have enabled us to become one of the leading brands when it comes to  cybersecurity, certification and signatures worldwide. Our mission is our constant challenge: To protect the activity of our customers by generating reliable and secure cyber environments.


We are Wise

Our team at Wise (more than 70 already!) is not just a crew of extremely talented people, but we are WISERS too! Being a WISER means to have a special way to be and to understand our business, to interact with people and to project our wishes and targets untill WE become them true. Being a WISER means to be CREATIVE (sometimes disruptive) and POSITIVE, starting it from yourself and spreading it all over (friends/colleagues, clients, suppliers…). Being a WISER means to be a TEAMPLAYER, never alone not in the battle neither in the victory, IT means to be an ADVENTURER who risks for the victory and survives stronger when defeated. Being a WISER means also to be HONEST and trustfull professional, disciplined and efficient.


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